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Monday, December 31, 2007

First Donations!

Happy New Year's Eve! This past weekend, I received my first donations from my brother Dave (who is in the Bahamas now... I'm very jealous), my wonderful husband Nick and my favorite mother-in-law Linda! THANK YOU!

Buffalo was a lot of fun. On Friday we got to hang out with with Nick's nephews and went to dinner with his family at Chef's. I haven't had a bad meal in Buffalo, and Chef's was no exception. I recommend the house specialty: spaghetti parm. Unbelievable. On Saturday, Nick and I went with his friend Jim to Holiday Valley to go skiing. There wasn't a lot of snow, but we managed to get a lot of runs in and had fun. Saturday night we had another fantastic meal at Curly's. The black bean soup and cioppino were excellent! One thing I can say about visiting Buffalo, is that you won't go hungry!

I did bring my clothes to go for a run tonight at the gym, but seeing as it's NYE, the gym is closing at 5. Well, I guess that I am in for a longer run tomorrow then. I'll post my training schedule soon. Have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve!

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