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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Blog Feature: Advice from Home with Michele

From time to time, my mom sends me an email with bits of motherly advice. In the spirit of sharing this information, I've decided to start a new blog feature: Advice from Home with Michele

Here is today's entry:

I bought this thing called the Furminator yesterday. You would not believe all the fur it gets off the animals and helps prevent shedding. It is addictive. I think I overdid Carmen a bit. You should get it for Dwayne; it is expensive but worth it.

I would buy this based on the name alone. Click here to watch a video of the FURminator in action. It reminds me of the Flowbee.

What is this woman thinking right now?

Click here to order your own FURminator starting at just $16.79 from Amazon.com. My mom wages a constant war on pet hair (with 2 dogs and a cat at home), so if she's happy with the FURminator then most people probably will be too.

That's it for today's Advice from Home with Michele. Thanks, Mom!


Suldog said...

There should be video of Mom!

Anonymous said...

Funny! Mom's are great.

swift said...

How does it help prevent shedding? That's a bold product claim...

Anonymous said...

The tool goes through the topcoat and removes only the loose hair and undercoat. The cool thing is it doesn't cut the hair- its only gonna take out what is loose and ready to come out. After I use it on my beast, his coat is so much healthier and shiner looking!! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Anonymous said...

I bought one a month ago and I LOVE it!!! It seriously is the best thing ever!!

Jen S.