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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Falsely Accused

When I was in 6th grade, my parents confronted me about my "addiction." They thought I was sniffing White Out. My friends and I would decorate our 3 ring binders with crumbly white designs shaped like flowers or phrases like "What's [arrow pointed up]?" In 6th grade, I also started wearing contacts instead of the glasses I had had to wear since I was about 3. Due to my astigmatism, I cannot wear soft lenses and the gas perms I have instead tend to leave my eyes red. My parents saw their 12 year girl with red eyes all giddy about correction fluid and came to the conclusion that I was sniffing White Out, and my container was confiscated.

To be honest with you, I'm not even sure I knew at that point that sniffing the stuff to get a high was even an option. My parents, to this day, still think I was doing it. There's only so many times I can deny it; however, I stopped trying to convince them years ago. After all, it gives me a small badass edge to my otherwise honor-roll-making-detention-free school years.

Since then, the accusations have gone from ingesting illegal substances to petty theft.

A few years ago, I was home in Connecticut for the weekend and my mom calls me on Monday saying she couldn't find her hairbrush and suggested that I took it with me back to Boston. I didn't have the brush, but for weeks afterwards the missing brush would pop back up into conversation.

This past weekend, Nick and I were back so I could attend a wedding shower and we could both help my brother celebrate his birthday. Well, yesterday my mom asks me if I took her razor out of her shower. I told her that I had my own razor and not hers, but she would respond with statements to indicate that she was already convinced that I was wickedly shaving my legs with her powder blue Venus Breeze in Boston. "Well, I would like to know where it went!"

My guess is that the White Out, brush & razor are all hanging out together somewhere.

P.S. I would like to add that it's a damn shame Adam Lambert didn't win last night! Mark my words, Kris Allen will be a flash in the pan.


Whalehead King said...

I dealt with a libarian today and she went above and beyond the call of professionalism to answer my question and point me in the right direction. I thought about you and your role. Librarians are essential information curators for those of us who don't know how to navigate the system. A salute to librians!

I'm from Connecticut too and I don't know how much hard-edged street cred your supposed white-out habit earned outside your family. I'm from Ridgefield and even there, nobody considered white-out a gateway drug. Cans of whipped cream however...

Got2TrotLibrarian said...


Yes, I'm from Glastonbury, which is about as hard core as Ridgefield :)

Suldog said...

I like Whalehead King - I've read his posts and enjoyed them - but I would point out that he spelled "librarian" three different ways in his nice comment. I'm not sure what that says, exactly, but it can't be good... :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny post! Some things we can't live down, as hard as we try. :)

Whalehead King said...

Librarians, no matter how you spell them, are all good, Suldog.

Nick P. said...

This is one of your best posts yet. I wonder what your mother is going to say about it. Another denial?