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Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you to our bus driver!

Today I was the annoying bus passenger with a stroller (car seat attached to it- making it bulkier).  The type of rider the MBTA considered banning.  I had to bring Lexi to daycare on the bus, in her stroller and car seat since we will be taking an Amtrak train later this afternoon to Rhode Island and my mom (who doesn't own a car seat) is picking us up at the station. 

Despite the fact that we took up a lot of space, the driver was exceptionally courteous.  He even got out of his seat to help us on and off and didn't start the bus until he was sure the stroller was secure.  I wish I had thought to see which operator number he was, but since I didn't, a big thank-you to the gentleman driving the Route 7 bus that picked us up at the corner of L and Broadway this morning around 7:35ish!

Once at South Station, we were able to enjoy the stroll to daycare! 

Enjoying the Chinatown Park portion of the Rose Kennedy Greenway

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