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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knocker Support

So I've volunteered to be a doorknocker for Suzanne Lee's campaign.  Last night I made Nick play the role of homeowner, while I practiced my spiel. 

me: (knocking on door frame)

Nick:  Yes?

me: Hello, as you may know Suzanne Lee-

Nick: Get out of heah!

me: Yes, I will, but perhaps you might just review this pamphlet-

Nick: I don't want your pamphlet!

me: Well, perhaps you might accept this pamphlet... along with these freshly baked cookies!

Nick: (pretends to take imaginary cookies and slams imaginary door.)

me: Thank you for your vote!

This might be more difficult than I imagined.  Perhaps I'll start off with, "I am not trying to recruit you to some bizarre religion, nor am I asking you to buy stale chocolate to support youth football."


Suldog said...

Good luck, and God bless you. I know, from going door-to-door during my own ill-fated run for office, that it will becomes entirely disheartening at times. Then, when you feel like tossing in the towel, there will come a door behind which will live a person (or persons) who embrace all to do with the voting process, and who will welcome you with open arms, even if they despise your candidate's positions, simply because they are fair-minded and wish to hear all facts before deciding. When you meet those people, restrain yourself from hugging and kissing them (which you shall surely want to do) and, instead, offer THEM the cookies.

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

Thanks Suldog!