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Monday, June 21, 2010

Uncle Hugs

I have been to a handful of baby showers over the years, but had the pleasure of attending my first sprinkle on Saturday morning. A sprinkle is given to celebrate a mother-to-be who has already given birth to her first child. In this case, it was for my friend's 2nd child and we met at the Buttery for brunch on Saturday morning. There's a room downstairs that was perfect for our larger party, and the staff was super friendly. I'm not a huge brunch person, but the food was fantastic, the prices were definitely reasonable and I'm still dreaming of my cinnamon scone. Like the Terminator, I'll be baahk.

Saturday afternoon, Nick and I drove down to Rhode Island to see my dad for Father's Day. This happened to be my dad's 30th Father's Day!

Dad, before kids lookin' sharp!

Dad, after kids... You'll notice the toll we took on his hair color, but otherwise still looking sharp!

This Father's Day was also Nick's first Father's to Be Day. My parents gave him a cute book called Daddy Hugs. My brother mentioned that he'd like a similar book, but somehow, "Uncle Hugs" sounds like it would end with a police investigation and not a sleeping baby.

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