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Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Down, 7 to Go

A couple of years ago, I was down with my family in Rhode Island and we were all sitting in the family room after dinner. All of a sudden, we heard a terrible screech, a hiss and then silence. We all rushed to the back porch to find some feathers and fur. Our cat, Carmen, was nowhere to be seen. The next day; however, she came home looking no worse for the wear.
On Thursday, poor Carmen was the victim of a hit and run. My parents brought her to the vet, who was fortunately able to save most of her. Her tail is now a memory. Carmen is a survivor though, and my mom said she's eating heartily and isn't letting a small detail like a missing tail slow her down.
As my parents were rushing to the vet on Thursday, my dad called to let them know they were on their way. After calling the main number, there was a prompt that said Press 1 if this is an emergency, if not please stay on the line. My dad punched 1 and explained to the receptionist that his cat had been hit by a car and he and my mom were rushing her in to see the vet. The receptionist told him that his reason for calling wasn't considered an emergency and that they need to keep the line open for real emergencies... If a cat getting hit by a car doesn't qualify as an emergency, I'd hate to see the poor animals that do have qualifying emergency injuries.
I wish Carmen a restful and speedy recovery!
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Suldog said...

I'd get a new vet. Not an emergency? Damn.

Maybe you can hook Carmen up with some Manx cats, so she won't feel out of place.